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Triangleトライアングル – Release Jan 09

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
A 10 year old girl was killed back in 1984. The murderer was not found and the case remains unsolved until now. A man name Goda Ryoji (Eguchi Yosuke) 江口洋介 seems to have some connection with this case. He used to be a doctor but later become an international police. One day Goda Ryoji (Eguchi Yosuke) 江口洋介 disguised as personal tour guide for a girl name Sachi (Hirosue Ryoko) 広末涼子 in France. Sachi (Hirosue Ryoko) 広末涼子 seems to has some connection with the unsolved case too. As Goda Ryoji (Eguchi Yosuke) 江口洋介transferred himself back to Japan police department, a colleague name Kuroki Shun (Inagaki Goro) 稲垣吾郎 received a mysterious call informing that the case (The 1984 10 year old girl murder case) hasn’t end…yet.

Feelings and comments:
The drama looks more like a mystery suspense story then a detective story. The question of “Who kill the little girl?” always surrounded the whole story. As it’s a unsolved murder case, it gets complicated as time goes by. The script of the drama is well written in a sense that it makes you wonder everybody is a suspect. It just seems like every characters have some secrets that connect to the unsolved murder case.
There are so many people died in murder cases in the world every single minute as we speak. There are also a lot of people died in the frequent natural disaster lately. We don’t actually feel the impact unless our loves one involved. It just takes a death of a person close by, either murdered or died of natural disaster to change our life completely. Honestly I don’t think we can understand the feelings unless we experience the lost of loves one ourselves. Perhaps the best way is to imagine and think “What if…” Only then we might start to do what we can to help those that involved in the unfortunate tragedy, Instead of just having thoughts of “Doesn’t concern me…”

Things that caught my eyes:
The scene and each clips of the drama is well connected, It makes you suspect there are some untold secrets behind. The drama really did a good job in fooling our eyes.

Japan Drama Rating:
Worth watching. You just can’t stop until you finish the whole series.

Original Soundtrack

Drama Theme Song: Sayonara wa Iwanai by Oda Kazumasa

Japan Drama Preview:

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