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Meitantei no Okite名探偵の掟 – Release April 09

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Tenkaichi Daigoro (Matsuda Shota) 松田翔太 is a famous private investigator. Whenever crime happens, he will be there. Okawara Banzo (Kimura Yuichi) 木村祐一 is a high ranking police detective and Fujii Mana (Kashii Yu) 香椎由宇 is a rookie police detective that is under his guidance. Together 3 of them created a story of a famous private investigator. Each episode features a crime story with a typical trick of a detective story.

Feelings and comments:
This is definitely a strange detective drama. The story basically is making fun with the typical detective story instead of telling the detective story. You basically don’t have to think how the crimes go because there is no logic behind it. The only thing that you might learned from this drama is how a detective story written and the rules to write them. This is supposed to be a funny and humor story but sadly the jokes are just too cold.
Although the so call famous private investigator Tenkaichi Daigoro (Matsuda Shota) 松田翔太 did not solve mostly of the crimes but he actually found out some other information. Perhaps the most normal person in this drama is Fujii Mana (Kashii Yu) 香椎由宇.

Things that caught my eyes:
The special door that allows the characters to enter and discuss about the story is unique, but that’s just crazy. Instead my attention was drawn towards Tenkaichi Daigoro (Matsuda Shota) 松田翔太’s Nike shoes.

Japan Drama Rating:
Fan of Matsuda Shota (松田翔太) and Kashii Yu (香椎由宇) should watch it. This drama looks more like a comedy rather than a detective story.

2009 Japanese Drama : - Meitantei No Okite - W/ English Subtitle

Drama Theme Song: Fighting Pose no Uta by Baba Toshihide

Japan Drama Preview:

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