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Akai Ito赤い糸 – Release Dec 08

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
It is said that fate brings couple together. If both of them are meant to be each other, there will be an invisible red string that connects them together. Takemiya Mei (Minamisawa Nao) 南沢奈央 and Nishino Atsushi (Mizobata Junpei) 溝端淳平 both birthday is on the same date 29th February. Both of them celebrates birthday once every four years. Every since they were young, they keep on bumping into each other. It’s like both of them are meant for each other. Still both of them keep on separated as life is full of obstacles. Even with all the pain, suffer and problems, they still connects and love each other.

Feelings and comments:
Once in a while we get to watch great love story drama from Japan, and this is one of them. Akai ito is base on one of the bestselling novels in Japan 2007. All the casts in this drama is new and young. The things that capture the heart of the viewers are the story, song and wonderful script. There are basically two parts of this love story, movie version and drama version. You may choose to skip the movie version and jump right into the drama version as that’s the main complete story. If you already watch the drama version, don’t bother to watch the movie version.
Do you believe in fate? According to legend, an invisible red string connects those that are meant to be together. That’s basically what’s this love story is about. The thin red string will be stretch, bend and twisted but it will never break. That’s just a way to say that no matter how tough life is, the couple will still be together at the end. I suppose only couples that love each other can feel the existence of the red string. Ever incidents that happened in life have reasons. Either good or bad, these are the things that create the person that we are now.

Things that caught my eyes:
The theme song is one of the best love songs that I ever heard. The pictures shown at the end of every episode is nicely captured. Be sure to take a look, especially the pictures of all the couples. These couples are standing side by side but are separated by a distance of a person. It just seems like they are connected by the red string.

Japan Drama Rating:
Worth watching. This is another beautiful love story base on a bestselling novel. The script is nicely written. The scene is beautifully captured and the song is great.

Original Soundtrack,2009 Japanese Drama: Akai Ito w/English SubtitleAkai Ito / Red Thread of Fate Japanese Movie with English subtitle

Drama Theme Song: 366 Nichi by HY

Japan Drama Preview:

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