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Muri na Renai無理な恋愛 – Release April 08

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Tachiki Shogo (Sakai Masaaki) 堺正章 is a 60 year old rich music producer who use to be a member of a rock band. At his elderly age, he has everything except one. That is a partner or a lover that can accompany him throughout the years. Before he met Nagano Kaede (Natsukawa Yui) 夏川結衣, he spend most of his time party with the youngsters and singing in Karaoke. After meet up with Nagano Kaede (Natsukawa Yui) 夏川結衣, he began to fall in love with her. It’s not easy for Tachiki Shogo (Sakai Masaaki) 堺正章 to pursuit his love as there are lots of barriers that he needs to get through. Couple of things ahead is the big age gap and a young handsome guy that might be Nagano Kaede (Natsukawa Yui) 夏川結衣 boy friend.

Feelings and comments:
Age is not a problem when it comes to love. That’s not entirely true, especially when you have a big age gap. The sentence should be written this way “Age will have a lot of problems when it comes to love, but all can be solve”. When couple has a large age gap, there are things that need to be considered. Things like being same age with the father of the bride or maybe older and the ability of having children are among some of the issue that need to be discuss. Most importantly the thoughts and goals are different at different age. Still it is possible for love to fit in, just need to tune it right.
Honestly the main cast of this drama did not attract me at all. Even so I’m pretty amaze by the passion of actor (Sakai Masaaki) 堺正章. He doesn’t really looks like a 60 year old man.

Things that caught my eyes:
Lots of guest stars including Sakaguchi Kenji (坂口憲二).

Japan Drama Rating:
Watch it if you like love story. It’s a big age gap love story with no famous cast. Not much interesting stuff to keep on watching it.

TV series, 2008 Japanese Drama : Muri na Renai w/ Eng Sub

Drama Theme Song: Wasuremono by Masaaki Sakai

Japan Drama Preview:

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