Friday, January 9, 2009

Shibatoraシバトラ – Release July 08

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Shibata Taketora (Koike Teppei) 小池徹平 is a policeman with a baby face. As he looks very much younger than his actual age, he is promoted as a detective to solve juvenile crime. His mission is to go undercover to schools and other teenage community. As it is illegal to carry out undercover operation by Japan police officer, Shibata Taketora (Koike Teppei) 小池徹平 has no protection and will get fired if his identity expose. Risking his career, Taketora (Koike Teppei) 小池徹平 still accepted the task because he wanted to be a great policeman just like his father. With his specially ability to foresee the death of others, he went undercover to help teenagers that involved with juvenile crime. Taketora (Koike Teppei) 小池徹平 solved a lot of juvenile crimes together with the help of his best friends Hosho Mizuki (Ohgo Suzuka) 大後寿々花, Fujiki Kojiro (Fujiki Naohito) 藤木直人 and Hakuto Shinsuke (Tsukaji Muga) 塚地武雅.

Feelings and comments:
I have to say Koike Teppei (小池徹平) still has a lot to improve in acting. The way that he looks at others trying to show his concern is just not there. Honestly, I think some of the supporting cast acting is better than him. But still he has the looks that capture the soul of many people, especially girls.
This drama is actually base on a famous manga series. Most of the characters appeared in the drama but the story is a bit different with the original manga. There will be some unexpected scene even if you already read the manga version.
It’s hard to really trust someone, especially if you’re living in a city. People lie and that’s the fact. How do we know who to trust? That’s the thing that we have to keep on learning. One thing for sure, life will be very much difficult if we can’t trust anybody. There is a chance that you might get hurt but that’s the best way to find some good friends.

Things that caught my eyes:
There are lots of scenes on “Looking and finding someone”. But I think the most interesting part is using a marker pen and a tooth brush to fight.

Japan Drama Rating:
Worth watching. There are lots of actions with detective or undercover scene.

TV series, Original Soundtrack, 2008 Japanese Drama: Shibatora w/ English Subtitle, Shibatora, Shibatora Special (Dogan Keji! Shijo Saidai no Kiki) Japanese Dvd with English Sub

Drama Theme Song: あたらしい日々 by Every Little Thing

Japan Drama Preview:

Japan Drama NG Scenes:


Kirs said...

Teppei-kun has always been sooo cute in his dramas except for Gokusen where they did weird things to his hair.

I, too, use Japanese Dramas as a learning resource for the Japanese Language. I am mixed Japanese but I never got to get in touch with my roots. Your blog is very eye-opening and informative. :)

kumowai said...

Thanks. Perhaps for learning purposes, a research on your roots might be interesting.