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Yukinojo Henge 雪之丞変化 – Release Jan 08

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Japan Drama Story:

Nakamura Yukinojo (Takizawa Hideaki) 滝沢秀明 is a famous actor in traditional Japanese theatre. Beneath his white actor face, he is actually searching for the men that responsible for the death of his parents. One day he finally met these people as he was performing on stage. He started his revenge when the daughter (Toda Erika) 戸田恵梨香of the man he supposes to kill falls in love with him. With the help of a local thief who steal from the rich and give to the poor, he takes his revenge one step at a time.

Feelings and Comments:

This is actually a very famous old film reproduced. Not much surprise if you already know the story. The drama brings in Takizawa Hideaki 滝沢秀明 and Toda Erika 戸田恵梨香, and that is enough to get a lot of viewers. Both of them are very good in the drama indeed. You can also witness a few kabuki scenes that are beautifully created for this drama. Sometimes it’s nice to watch drama that sets the stage back in time. A lot of historical cloths, buildings and culture can be seen.

Things that caught my eyes:

Takizawa Hideaki 滝沢秀明 takes on 2 roles as Nakamura Yukinojo and Yamitaro. It’s quite interesting to see his acting as he switch from there 2 roles.

Japan Drama Rating:

Fan of Takizawa Hideaki 滝沢秀明 and Toda Erika 戸田恵梨香 is a must to watch. It’s an old film reproduced.

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Japan Drama Preview:

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