Friday, February 29, 2008

Joshi Deka! ジョシデカ!- Release Oct 07

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:

Hatakeyama Kurumi (Nakama Yukie) 仲間由紀惠 is a young detective assign to partner with Sakura Hanako (Izumi Pinko) 泉ピン子, an experienced veteran detective that difficult to catch up with. They are the only 2 women detectives in that area. The only thing that Hatakeyama Kurumi (Nakama Yukie) 仲間由紀惠 good at is her vision and shooting. That makes it difficult for Sakura Hanako (Izumi Pinko) 泉ピン子 as she needs to put an eye on her and guide her at the same time. Both of them have a hard time getting along but still able to work together and solve the crimes.

Feelings and Comments:

This is surely a detective drama with plan tone (boring). The cases presented are not interesting at all. Even after finishing the first 3 episodes still unable to build up the momentum to rush for the story. The only thing that keeps me watching the drama is no other then Nakama Yukie (仲間由紀惠).

It was interesting to have a Korean actor - Ryu Shi Won (류시원) in the drama but his acting is just not into it. His tone of voice is just the same from the beginning until the end. Maybe it’s because of the language barrier.

Things that caught my eyes:

The small police gun that was used by Hatakeyama Kurumi is very handy in knocking down things.

Japan Drama Rating:

Fan of Nakama Yukie (仲間由紀惠) should watch. If not then skip it.

TV series

Japan Drama Preview:


Lana Gramlich said...

*LOL* Interesting review. Of course, they don't show that in the US, so I'll never see it, but I consider myself advised, at any rate!

kumowai said...

Well, most of the Japanese dramas are only available in Japan. If you're not staying in Japan, the only way that you can watch them is through the net.

AnimeMagnet said...

Nakama Yukie.. love watching her in Gokusen and in Shinobi.. beautiful actress yaa.. kuma yep unless you live in Japan you got to see 'em on tv, luckily the net full of people willing to share.. so can watch anime, kuma, etcs.. not long after they air in Japan :D

kumowai said...

Lucky to have WWW and friends that share the same interest. Thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

Not true that J-dramas are not available in the US. You can find them on DVD on the 'Net and in Asian video shops - usually subbed in Chinese and English with translation quality that ranges from excellent to cryptic. The Joshi Deka I have has perfect subs for the first three episodes, then switches to horrid (but usable, with a little mental gymnastics,) for the 4th - that's as far as I've watched so far. I assume they're Chinese bootlegs, but they're better than nothing since...AHEM!...the Japanese TV producers are too short-sighted to subtitle them and sell them in a potentially-huge market, N. America. Baka, lazy and frustrating, is what you call that decision. Some day I hope I can purchase subtitled DVDs from the actual source, but until then all we can do is scrounge.

I disagree entirely with the lead review too - it's not Shakespeare but doesn't pretend to be. The chemistry of the two principles is hilarious and feisty; the story is light-hearted but engaging; the panoramas of Tokyo are fascinating; the acting is excellent.

We just...NEED J-TV TO START SUBTITLING THEM so we don't have to go on these stupid scavenger hunts for subtitles! If Japanese TV producers invested as much in marketing subbed dramas to the English market as they did on legal chases against people who make the effort to provide them in other languages, they'd discover a lucrative new market for their product. Ba-ka!

Venting - sorry.

kumowai said...

Thanks for the long comment. Appreciate your value opinion as well. I think both of the lead actress is good in the drama. Just that the story lacks a bit of spices that makes the the audience keep on wanting for more. I still couldn't finish the whole series until now. Maybe I've watch too many similar dramas and already familiar with most of the tricks and ideas.

Regarding the good quality dvds, it might be difficult to get stuff that guarantees good quality. Even if you manage to get the good ones, the stuff might be expensive. Unless there are a huge market potential at your place, it's unlikely people will invest to introduce Japanese drama into your area.

Any way, you're still able to watch it free through the net. If you know where to look for it.