Saturday, February 9, 2008

Koi no Karasawagi ~Love Stories IV~ 恋のから騒ぎ – Release Nov 07

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:

This is a drama about love. The first 3 episodes already out but I get to know it from 4th episode. Each episode has several different stories about love. Each story has different cast and background. This episode has 3 parts of stories.

The first story is about a brilliant girl - Horikita Maki (堀北真希) that graduated from college and is looking for job. Due to her attitude, she couldn’t get a job and a boy friend. Even so, one elite businessman is still fall for her at first sight. Witness how he manages to make her fall for him.

The second story is about a girl - Ishihara Satomi (石原さとみ) whose voice trembles when ever she is nervous. The problem is that everything makes her nervous. She has no fiends and the only person that she talks to is her favorite idol. Well, she’s kind of having a one way conversation to the idol poster. She works in a restaurant and has a crush on the captain. Witness how they become a couple at the end.

The third story is about a rich beautiful Miss Japan - Mizukawa Asami (水川あさみ) and also a doctor. Her dating opponent must be very rich because if they get married then he is able to cover her daily expenses. One day she accidentally injured a poor salesman in the department store. The salesman does have a crush on her. As an apology, she promised to go out with him as a date. A relationship between a poor salesman and a rich doctor begins.

Feelings and Comments:

Love is a strange and wonderful thing. It happened to anybody no matter who you are. You’ll never know what this love will brings you unless to jump into it. It might be happy, it might be sad. Only the two couples that are in love will know that.

No matter how many love story you have read, how many love movies that you have seen, the most unforgettable and touching story will be your own love story.

Things that caught my eyes:

Every part of the story involves Kitamura Kazuki (北村一輝). He always acts as the man that we hate.

Japan Drama Rating:

Nice to watch. Simple love story but very well presented by three beautiful actresses.

Not available yet.

Japan Drama Preview:

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Mikiye Creations said...

Sad as it is...being an Americanized 4th generation, I can't speak a word of it so I can only watch the ones with subtitles!

kumowai said...

Well, it is never too late to learn. Every time you watch a drama, you'll pick up at least one word. By the end of the day, you'll realize that you have learned a lot. I'm not Japanese but I love the language. That is why I never stop get in touch with the language.