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Sotsu Uta卒うた – Release March 10

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
This is a 4 part episodes drama with independent story line but with same graduation topic. The first story is about high school graduation which we normally referred. The second story is about youngsters graduate from home and started to create their own new home. The third story is about a couple graduated from their relationship to pursuit their dreams. The fourth and final story is about a radio DJ graduated from a radio program. All 4 episodes are link to the radio DJ Tachibana Hitomi (Nagasawa Masami) 長澤まさみ. Takano Ayumi (Shida Mirai) 志田未来, Yamazaki Mariko (Kuninaka Ryoko) 国仲涼子 and Maejima Yurika (Kitano Kii) 北乃きい are actually the main characters of the first 3 episodes and fans of Tachibana Hitomi (Nagasawa Masami) 長澤まさみ.  Tachibana Hitomi (Nagasawa Masami) 長澤まさみ just share their stories on the radio program together with the right graduation songs.

Feelings and comments:
All 4 stories in this series of drama are very simple. It basically explains how people deal with an end of a relationship, journey or a process in life. Nothing is forever which is why we have the word graduation. It’s basically a review or a conclusion towards the things that we have done. It’s a turning point between an end and a beginning. It’s a changing point in life that we have to face and move on. In such situation we normally say “It’s time to grow up.”
Graduation is a path that we all go through in life. Only those who are able to overcome the obstacles and brave enough to face the changes can really understand and feel the spirit of graduation. If you have gone through lots of graduation, which means you’ve accomplish lots of things in your life. That’s a life that fills with stories and episodes. Graduation is simply the trophies that you gain.

Things that caught my eyes:
4 episodes of the stories are not related but all of them are connected through a radio DJ with the topic graduation. All of them are not related but they share the same thoughts from the beautiful graduation songs.

Japan Drama Rating:
Nice to watch. It’s all about graduation. It’s not just about typical normal school graduation but includes different types of graduation within the journey in our life. It’s an end and beginning on part of our journey in life.


Graduation Song / Sotsu uta Japanese Movie Dvd English Sub NTSC All Region,

Drama Theme Song:
Best Friend by Kiroro
Michi by Exile
Kanade by Sukima Switch
Sotsugyo Shashin by Matsutoya Yumi

Japan Drama Preview:

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