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Massugu na Otokoまっすぐな男 – Release Jan 10

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Matsushima Kenichiro (Sato Ryuta) 佐藤隆太 works in a construction company. He is a straight honest man who will take action on things that he feels right. One day Matsushima Kenichiro (Sato Ryuta) 佐藤隆太 met Kurita Narumi (深田恭子) Fukada Kyoko in a party where she uses his identity to participate. Kurita Narumi (深田恭子) Fukada Kyoko is a mysterious girl who has a totally opposite character of Matsushima Kenichiro (Sato Ryuta) 佐藤隆太. Although both of them have lots of disagreement and argument but they keeps on bounce into each other. It seems like they don’t get along well but they always watch each other’s back. In fact they learn to see things differently from their different points of view towards life. As they are searching for partners and pursuing happiness in different ways, they find themselves attracted to each other as days goes by.

Feelings and comments:
I just felt that this drama has a flat tone. I’ve gone through 5 episodes of the drama but yet to find any excitement within. There are some jokes here and there but still that isn’t enough to make me continue watching nonstop. I think the way this drama presented does not lead viewers like a roller coaster but just a simple normal ride on a flat road. There are few talented actors in this drama but still it just feels like it doesn’t mix well and the flavors aren’t there.
    Basically this is a simple love comedy. Just that the story line did not focus much on the details. Sometimes you might wonder how the scene gets to this point and so on. Even the love story part starts to kick in only after couple of episodes.
    There is one part of the drama which I’m absolutely agreed about. Sometimes things aren’t what we think it is. The logic and realistic way of thinking that man always did can not apply to woman. Some women just have a different way of thinking which cannot be explain clearly. Instead of having only 2 options of judging things right and wrong. Women tend to have a 3rd option of neither right nor wrong. I think call it the grey area.

Things that caught my eyes:
The straight honest guy Matsushima Kenichiro (Sato Ryuta) 佐藤隆太 does not stand out as it suppose to be in this drama. Instead I find Kurita Narumi (深田恭子) Fukada Kyoko which always has unexpected action and conversation much more appealing.

Japan Drama Rating:
Fun to watch. Although there are lots of things that doesn’t make sense but still it’s good for a laugh.

Original Soundtrack, 2010 Japanese Drama: Massugu Na Otoko w/ Eng Sub

Drama Theme Song: Straight by Tortoise Matsumoto

Japan Drama Preview:
No preview available at Youtube. Instead I link to Youku for preview...

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