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Tonari no Shibafuとなりの芝生 – Release July 09

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
After more than ten years of marriage, Takahira Tomoko (Seto Asaka) 瀬戸朝香 finally moved to the new house which the couple has been working hard for. It’s a double story house with 4 bed rooms which is just nice for the family with 2 kids. While the family is busy entertaining friends on house warming, the mother in law is planning a trip to visit the new house. Takahira Shino (Izumi Pinko)泉ピン子 or so call the husband’s mother is planning something bigger than just a visit. In fact she already decided to stay on for good. As little as the family knows her true intention, furniture and all her stuff has been sent over to the new house. The sudden change of the situation is not just the only surprise that the family gets as they need to learn to get along with the difficult mother in law, especially the wife.

Feelings and comments:
This drama is all about family, especially the relationship between mother in law and daughter in law. We can witness the Japanese culture of family values within the drama. At the end of every episode, quotes regarding family values are presented. This is definitely an educated drama on how family members should work together and create a healthy happy family.
    It might seem a simple life that this family have but the truth is simple might not be easy. Every family have their own story to tell, either it’s good or bad. The question is how does family work together to solve the problems and live a better life. It’s the responsibility, commitment and sacrifices which leads to the final goal of happiness. This drama brings out almost all the details and consideration most people have in mind. Although the drama is a remake after 33 years but still the relationship between daughter in law and mother in law is always not easy to deal with.
    I think the kids are doing a good job in this drama. I’m referring to the acting. As the drama also involves how children reacts towards the sudden involvement of grandmother in their life, the kids really puts up a good show in reflecting their emotion and thoughts.

Things that caught my eyes:
Perhaps it’s how the wife able to get though life taking care of the family while having a job that interests me. By the way, the new double story 4 bed room house seems nice.

Japan Drama Rating:
Nice to watch. It’s a classic remake of a warm family drama. Probably suitable for those who loves family related drama without much excitement. At some point this is kind of a boring drama, especially for youngsters.

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Drama Theme Song: Hidamari by KadoFuji
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Japan Drama Preview:
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