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Shinzanmono新参者 – Release April 10

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Kaga Kyoichiro (Abe Hiroshi) 阿部寛 is just transferred to Nihonbashi police department. As soon as Kaga Kyoichiro (Abe Hiroshi) 阿部寛 starts working in this new environment, a woman who is also new in town was murdered. Immediately Kaga Kyoichiro (Abe Hiroshi) 阿部寛 is put on the investigation group to check out the murder suspects. This also gives him a chance to get to know the people around the streets. One by one Kaga Kyoichiro (Abe Hiroshi) 阿部寛 reads their mind and see through the lies within the suspects. This eventually brings him closer to the actual killer.

Feelings and comments:
There are three common reasons that people lie. The first reason is to protect own self. The second reason is trying to scam or trick others. The third reason is to protect or cover for others. Human is a creature that is good in lying. If we can sense the lies within, then we can certainly figure out the truth behind. Lies are the shadows of truth. We just have to trace it back to where it comes from.
    It’s always interesting and fun to watch drama cast by Abe Hiroshi (阿部寛). His facial impression speaks even when silent. I suppose that’s what we call great acting. Never the less most of the guest stars appeared in this drama are main cast in several other dramas. I suppose that is why such a simple story drama can be well presented.
    There is one thing that really impresses me is that in the process of investigating the homicide case, Kaga Kyoichiro (Abe Hiroshi) 阿部寛 not just investigating the suspects but also helps to solve their problems. The work of the police is not just fighting crimes but also helps to improve quality life of others. I think this is call serving the public.

Things that caught my eyes:
Those delicious desserts are always around. Kaga Kyoichiro (Abe Hiroshi) 阿部寛 interests on those desserts are just the same as the homicide case.

Japan Drama Rating:
Worth watching. The story is simple but the drama is able to bring out the very best of all the touching moments. This is not just a simple homicide detective drama but a collection of touching stories surrounding all the suspects.

Original Soundtrack, 2010 Japanese Drama : Shinzanmono w/ Eng Sub

Drama Theme Song: Machimonogatari by Yamashita Tatsuro

Japan Drama Preview:

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