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Koishite Akuma恋して悪魔 – Release July 09

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Kuromiya Luka (Nakayama Yuma) 中山優馬 is a vampire that yet to have his first taste of human blood. In order to become a fully mature vampire and earn eternal life, Kuromiya Luka (Nakayama Yuma) 中山優馬 has to pick a young female human being and draws her blood. In order to complete his task, Kuromiya Luka (Nakayama Yuma) 中山優馬 was place to a family that runs a restaurant and went to school close by. As this is the first time that Kuromiya Luka (Nakayama Yuma) 中山優馬 ever comes close to human being, living and staying with human being troubles him. This is supposed to be a simple task for a vampire as Kuromiya Luka (Nakayama Yuma) 中山優馬 just has to find a young female human being and taste the first bite for blood. Unfortunately things become complicated when he met Natsukawa Makoto (Kato Rosa) 加藤ローサ, the young female English teacher who teaches him in high school.

Feelings and comments:
I have to say the paced of this drama is slow. The first couple of episodes are just watching Kuromiya Luka (Nakayama Yuma) 中山優馬 walking around and sitting around. The story only gets interesting when part of the secrets are reveals.
    No doubt this is a love story. There are some similarities with the popular love story Romeo and Juliet but the romance is not deep enough. There is love and romance but the feelings are just not strong enough to move viewers. Perhaps a love story that risk everything and that normal people won’t do might creates greater impact.
    Perhaps the chemistry between Kuromiya Luka (Nakayama Yuma) 中山優馬 and Natsukawa Makoto (Kato Rosa) 加藤ローサ is not strong enough to convince viewers that they love each other very much. This drama really gives these two actors the opportunity to show their talent but I suppose it did not work well as predicted. The idea of this love story is good. I think the effects will be better if it’s a love story with lots of obstacles and intense desire to be together for the lovers. 

Things that caught my eyes:
He seems to walk around a lot and sitting on high grounds to enjoy the beautiful scene. One thing I’m curious about. All Kuromiya Luka (Nakayama Yuma) 中山優馬 needs is the blood of a young female human being. There are lots of ways to get the blood without even having to take a bit. I suppose he has no idea about blood donation activities and the existence of blood bank.

Japan Drama Rating:

Interesting to watch. It’s a love story with some similarities of Romeo and Juliet. I think this drama can be better if it focus more on the love story instead of the character Kuromiya Luka (Nakayama Yuma) 中山優馬.

2009 Japanese Drama : Koishite Akuma w/ Eng Sub ,Original Soundtrack

Drama Theme Song: Akuma na Koi by Nakayama Yuma with B.I.Shadow

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