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官僚たちの夏 Kanryotachi no Natsu – Release July 09

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:

Japan economy suffer tremendous loses after losing World War 2. In order to bring Japan back to top develop country which able to compete with US, a group of people in government service are working hard to make this happen. Kazakoshi Shingo (Sato Koichi) 佐藤浩市, also known as “Mr. Ministry of International Trade and Industry”, dedicate himself to make Japan a wealthy country so that Japanese can have a better life. Along with a group of subordinate Kazakoshi Shingo (Sato Koichi) 佐藤浩市 strive to help all industries within import and export negotiation between Japan and US. As this involves making Japan a strong wealthy country, different opinion with same goal ignites a lot of discussion and quarrels within departments. Not to mention every decision involve political beneficial that might be advantage to certain parties. It makes the mission to make Japan a wealthy country a very tough journey.

Feelings and comments:
This is not a drama for everyone. At some point this drama can be very boring unless you’re interested in politics, Japan history, industry development and international trading. I suppose boys will be more interested in watching this drama.
    When things involve politics and when it comes to making decisions, there are no right and wrong. There is only the best choice. I suppose being a politician is about making tough choices. The word “Sacrifice” can always be heard in this drama.
    The story of this drama is base on things that happen 10 years after Japan surrender in World War 2. Basically it’s a story about how and what a county do to become a wealthy county. I suppose we can compare it with the action taken by our own country to drive the nation to a better place to stay. Maybe through this drama we can more a less understand the action and decision done by our government officials. Even so I still think it’s difficult to really understand it as most of the time we did not get to see the whole picture.
    If you happen to watch this drama and able to watch it until the last episode, perhaps you may consider answer the question below. Would it be better to rely on the help of government or just rely on ourselves?

Things that caught my eyes:
The best part of this drama is watching the dramatic changes around the streets of Japan and household. The muddy road replace by highways after the design of local car, the expensive black and white television replace by low price color television, the changes of fashion as fabrication industries evolves and the design of computer which helps to create the first airplane can all be seen in this drama. It’s just like watching a documentary series of the rise of Japan after World War 2.

Japan Drama Rating:
Nice to watch. This is a drama about Japan industries, government, international trade and the rise of Japan economic after World War 2. It’s about money, power and politics where mostly only man participated. This is a story about a group of man that fought to make Japan becomes a strong develop country after World War 2.STAY by

2009 Japanese Drama : Kanryotachi No Natsu w/ Eng Sub

Drama Theme Song: STAY by Kobukuro

Japan Drama Preview:

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