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Voiceヴォイス– Release Jan 09

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Kaji Daiki (Eita) 瑛太, Ishimatsu Ryosuke (Ikuta Toma) 生田斗真, Kuboaki Kanako (Ishihara Satomi) 石原さとみ, Kirihata Teppei (Endo Yuya) 遠藤雄弥 and Hanei Akira (Sato Tomohito) 佐藤智仁 enrolled into forensic class in a medical university. Each of them has their own special reason of choosing this not so popular profession. As class starts, they learn more than just open up dead bodies and finding out cause of death. They leaned to listen to voices or final words of the dead. They also realized that their job helps those that are still alive by improving their quality of life.

Feelings and comments:
This drama feels like getting a lot of influence from the US top drama series CSI. You’ll even see some of the characters in this drama are obsess with CSI series. Think of this drama as a special version of CSI. The difference in this drama is that starting point of each case begins at the autopsy table. You might find that instead of relying on the evidence found, this drama is much more focus on logic thinking and human nature.
We definitely cannot bring back those that are already dead, but we can surely do something about those that are still alive. Autopsy basically is for those that are still alive. We study and learn from the dead so that we can live on. From the medical point of view, doctors study and learn the cause of death so that human being can survive, in other words “finding a countermeasure or solution”. Psychologically people need to hear the last words so that they can move on with their life. Death of the love one is painful especially when it happened unexpectedly with no reason at all.

Things that caught my eyes:
Although autopsy being carry out, you can’t really see the dead body. There are no red bloody flesh scenes like the US CSI drama. The dead body lying on the autopsy table is well covered by the object around in the room by specially positioning angle of the camera. The whole drama is presented in a clean white environment.

Japan Drama Rating:
Nice to watch. This drama is covered by the shadow of CSI. Just that this drama has lots of humor and joke which makes it not as sad and serious as it suppose to be.

2009 Japanese Drama : - Voice - W/ English Subtitle

Drama Theme Song: Setsuna by GReeeeN

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