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Kyoshi Saisei教師再生– Release Oct 08

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
A school is going down as news about closing down the school spreads. Teachers are all worry about their future rather than the academic of the students, except one. One new teacher name Sugi Toranosuke (Kamiji Yusuke) 上地雄輔 is still trying his best to help his students. Just that the problem is he might not have the ability to do it. One of his students - Kusaka Shuzaburo (Nakajima Yuto) 中島裕翔 trusted him and decided to back him up with the help of three mysterious transferred students Takasugi Touichi (Yamada Ryosuke) 山田涼介, Yoshida Eitarou (Chinen Yuri) 知念 侑李 and Irie Sugizou (Arioka Daiki) 有岡大貴. Four of them decided to help Sugi Toranosuke (Kamiji Yusuke) 上地雄輔 to become a teacher, at least as a simple qualified teacher.

Feelings and comments:
This is a fantasy drama for high school kids. Students are much more capable and dependable then teachers. They even help their teachers solved problems and become sort of heroes. I think this is a drama for high school kids but not for teachers. There are no famous actors in this drama as the main focus is on the four young members of Hey! Say! JUMP. As they are young, their acting skills are still not that up to it. So if you’re not the fan of Hey! Say! JUMP, you’ll pretty much get bored right after the first 20 minutes of the drama.

How do you judge such an occupation like teacher? The first impression might be” it’s an occupation with lots of pride”. That means teaching and helping the next generation to become a better person. Some of the teachers even sacrifice their time, money and personal life for that purpose. The 2nd impression about teacher is that “It’s a great job with lots of personal time and holiday. Plus it’s a government servant job that won’t get fire easily” Probably this is the best secure job that can be easily obtain. Either way, teachers should realize the responsibility when dealing with students. That’s because future of students are more a less affected by teachers. It is true that teachers might not remember all of the students because throughout years of teaching there might be thousands of students. But from the eyes of the students, you might just be the only teacher that they can depend on.

Things that caught my eyes:
The classroom seems to transform from a clean white room to a painted room. Is it just plain dirty or art?

Japan Drama Rating:
Fan of Hey! Say! JUMP should not miss it. If not skip it.

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Drama Theme Song: Mayonaka no Shadow Boy by Hey! Say! JUMP

Japan Drama Preview:

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