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SCANDAL– Release Oct 08

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Shiraishi Risako (Toda Naho) 戸田菜穂 is getting married and she invites 4 of her friends Takayanagi Takako (Suzuki Kyouka) 鈴木京香, Kawai Hitomi (Hasegawa Kyoko) 長谷川京子, Samejima Mayuko (Fukiishi Kazue) 吹石一恵 and Shindo Tamaki (Momoi Kaori) 桃井かおり to attend her wedding. Right after the wedding ceremony, 5 of them get together in a bar in the evening to have a girls night. It turns out that the 4 friends did not know each other but the bride. As they started to get to know each other, Shiraishi Risako (Toda Naho) 戸田菜穂 suggested a game where by each of them try to find a partner and bring them back to the bar. At the end of the night some of them successfully find a partner and some did not. Even so, all of them return to the bar except Shiraishi Risako (Toda Naho) 戸田菜穂. The next day onwards, she was reported missing by her husband.

Feelings and comments:
This drama is about woman. It’s about their lifestyle, characteristics, vision, thoughts, love, marriage and family. It’s is also a story of how these women pursuit their own version of happiness. This drama totally reflects the minds of woman. I actually think that this drama is more suitable to view by woman. Of cause man are welcome to watch it. Just that you might find it a bit boring. From a different point of view, you might just learn how woman really thinks.

Things that caught my eyes:
4 different characteristics woman with 4 different style of living standard can be seen in this drama. Perhaps the most interesting part of this drama is the singer Fukuhara Miho who sings the theme song “Love ~winter song~” with her incredible voice.

Japan Drama Rating:
Fan of those actresses should watch it. If not skip it.

Original Soundtrack, 2008 Japanese Drama: Scandal w/ Eng Sub

Drama Theme Song: LOVE ~winter song~ by Fukuhara Miho

Japan Drama Preview:
Not available.

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