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Kaze no Garden風のガーデン– Release Oct 08

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Shiratori Sadami (Nakai Kiichi) 中井貴一 is a talented and well respect doctor that works in Tokyo. Despite the success in his career, his personal life is a disaster. His playboy life style causes his wife to commit suicide. Right after the incident, his father (Shiratori Teizo ) 緒形拳kicked him out of house and forbids his two children Shiratori Rui (Kuroki Meisa) 黒木メイサ and Shiratori Gaku (Kamiki Ryunosuke) 神木隆之介 from staying with him. After 7 years of dedicated working life, Shiratori Sadami (Nakai Kiichi) 中井貴一 found out that he has cancer and was too late for any treatment. All he can do is try to reduce the pain before the end of his time. With the remaining of his time he went back to his hometown for a glance of his children but dare not return home. The only thing that he can do is staying close to the garden that his wife left behind, a flower garden call “Garden of Wind” which he once live happily together with his family.

Feelings and comments:
Flower is one of the characters in this drama, a character that represent the emotion and characteristic of human being. The most common flower that we known might just be red roses as it represents the love towards another person. It’s a flower that we seen in many places as well as in movies and dramas. As for this drama, it shows you different variety of flowers that are as beautiful as red roses but with different style and characteristic.
No doubt that we all make mistakes. Perhaps if we know how serious the damages will be, we might be more careful but sadly we learned that after things happened. Forgiveness is what we always look for. Either praying for it or talking about it with friends, the only one that we always seek for forgiveness is ourselves. That’s the first important step. From this first step then we seek for forgiveness from others.

Things that caught my eyes:
The flower garden is the main spot light. Wonderful story about family, songs with sweet vocal and touching music makes this garden heaven on earth. The theme song by Hirahara Ayaka (平原綾香), also known as Himuro Akane in this drama definitely brings out the best of this drama with her extraordinaire vocal.

Japan Drama Rating:
Worth watching. Especially for those that love flowers.

Original Soundtrack, Kaze No Garden

Drama Theme Song: Nocturne by Hirahara Ayaka

Japan Drama Preview:

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