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Team Medical Dragon 医龍 – Release Oct 07

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:

Asada Ryutaro (坂口憲) Sakaguchi Kenji is a famous top heart surgeon in the world. After pursuing further knowledge regarding heart surgery around the world, he returned to Japan to form a new medical team. Being a doctor, his only consideration is the life of his patients. Unfortunately the top management of the hospital is struggling for survival and chooses money over life. By going against the management, Asada Ryutaro and few of his teams are being transferred to a poor local hospital. Still that does not stop him from performing difficult surgery to save life. His medical team becomes stronger as he found several elite doctors in the local hospital.

Feelings and Comments:

No doubt this is strictly about medical surgery drama. You’ll learn a lot about heart diseases and heart surgery. A lot of medical definitions regarding heart surgery are being spoken in the drama. Most of the scene is in the surgical room. If you’re not comfortable of watching chest open surgery with lots of blood, then I’ll suggest you skip it. This drama is just like the famous US drama “E.R.” Just that this drama is making Asada Ryutaro a genius surgeon.

Doctors are just like normal people. In order to safe more life, doctors must be well taken care of to be able to continue their job. Sadly the society nowadays has driven this profession into a business instead of a service. Doctors that practice as a business can easily earn a lot of money. Having rich people as their patient and charge a high medical fees is one of the way to do it. Doctors that practice as a service work more than 12 hours a day trying to save more life. Either way, it’s saving life but the targeted patient is different. Which of the following come first, rich patient, poor patient or the life of the doctor?

Things that caught my eyes:

There is a lot of slow motion walking scene that trying to tell the audience “I’m so cool”.

Japan Drama Rating:

Worth watching it. If you like Medical drama then this is definitely the one for you.


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