Saturday, March 22, 2008

Haken no Hinkakuハケンの品格–Release Jan 07

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:

Oomae Haruko (Shinohara Ryoko) 篠原涼子 has been working as a temporally contract worker for a long time. Her performance, ability and qualification makes her a top temporally contract worker. She is then hired by a company to support a new marketing department. Her rules of strictly business and no personal matters really annoyed company’s permanent workers, especially the two department head Satonaka Kensuke (Koizumi Kotaro) 小泉孝太郎 and Shouji Takeshi (Oizumi Yo) 大泉洋. Given her ability to complete the work and solved the problems during working hour, her colleagues see her as a super temporally worker with multi skills.

Feelings and Comments:

If you’ve been working in a Japanese company before then you should more a less understand the environment of this drama creates. The collaboration and frictions between temp workers and permanent workers are the main topic for this drama.

Looking From a company’s prospect, temp workers help reducing company’s expenses. It’s the best solution to handle temp high volume work load. Plus, the efficiency of temp worker is generally higher than the permanent worker. One problem that a company might face is controlling the ratio between temp worker and permanent worker.

As a permanent worker in a company, you’ll get benefits like bonuses, medication, annual leaves, company loans and many more. Basically you secured a place that able to work for a long time. Once successfully joining a company, either you work towards a higher position or you work for others. Some permanent workers become lazy as they think they already safely landed. This generally increases opportunity for temp workers in a company.

As a temporally worker, salaries are calculated per hour. They do not enjoy any benefits given by company. Work place is not secured as it depends on the needs of the company. A talented temp worker might continue to get offers from other company but a new temp worker will have trouble getting one. They must be able to adept into new working environment as fast as possible and after few months they have to leave again. Basically it’s not a good choice of work if you considered it long term.

The needs of temp worker will never reduce. There will always be a market for that. In future many countries might move towards this direction and companies that supply temp worker will be form. If you have no idea which job to go for, working as a temp worker might help. Scout and learn the available jobs out there before decide which company to join. It’s a good way to find out what you like and suitable for. At the end of the day, getting a permanent job is still the best and final goal for everybody.

Things that caught my eyes:

Oomae Haruko (Shinohara Ryoko) 篠原涼子 conversation with others really impressed me. The words used are straight to the point, nothing personal just strictly business.

Japan Drama Rating:

Worth watching it. Suitable for those are working in a big company, especially a Japanese company.


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kirin said...

You know what? This drama got hit in Japan, but I missed it, as normally I don't have time to watch TV. I played the video you set and watched it for the first time to find out how funny & interesting it is!

I wonder if the working circumstances or conditions in Japan is any similar to your country? You seem to understand the backgrounds of our culture pretty well. BTW, Koizumi Kotaro is a son of former prime minister Koizumi. Did you know that(^_^)?

kumowai said...

I think discrimination and politics exist in almost any company in the world, especially in big company. I did work in 2 international company before and tension is not just between temporally worker and permanent worker but also between different department and different levels.
I did work in a Japanese company before and been to Shinagawa in Tokyo for work. I get to know some Japanese workers who is also a Haken and yes they working ability is definitely high.

kirin said...

You've been to Shinagawa?
The Izakaya pictures at my blog post are actually from Shinagawa (^^)

kumowai said...

I see. It's been couple of years that I never been to Japan. I sure miss it. Hope that I get to go again. The pictures in your blog really reminds me of the street of Tokyo.