Thursday, January 10, 2008

Long Wedding Road! ロング・ウェディングロード!- Release July 07

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:

Azuma Shoichi (Nagai Masaru) 永井大 is a doctor that works in Tokyo whose family is rich and famous. Nishimiya Shizuka(Hirosue Ryoko) 広末涼子 is a truck driver that works in Osaka whose family is among shop owners along the streets. Both of them met, fall in love and decided to get married. Azuma Shoichi has a son from his previous marriage and Nishimiya Shizuka has a daughter from her previous marriage. Even so they manage to keep their long distance relationship until now. When it comes to getting married, it’s not just the commitment between 2 people but involving the relationship between 2 families. Getting 2 families with different lifestyle, culture and hobbies together is just a pain in the neck. Still they have to convince both their parents to agree with their marriage.

Feelings and Comments:

Getting married is not a simple thing. It’s not just signing a piece of paper and having babies. It’s about 2 families getting together. Imagine having 2 trees close together and you’ll have collaboration between branches above. When these branches gain way and fit together then only you can get the trunk closer. Getting approval to get married from the opposite side of parents is not easy. He has to convince her parents that he will protect her and she has to convince his parents that she will take good care of him. Having a husband/wife that does not go along with your parents is not good. You’ll get stuck in between both of them for the rest of your life. No matter what, it’s best to resolve this before getting married. It’s an exam that you need to take in order to get married.

Things that caught my eyes:

The Japanese truck is very unique. The drawing and the modification of the truck is an art.

Japan Drama Rating:

Fun to watch. It’s a fun and comfort story before marriage.

Not available yet.

Japan Drama Preview:

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