Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Abarenbo Mama 暴れん坊ママ – Release Oct 07

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:

Kawano Ayu (Ueto Aya) 上戸彩 is a 22 year old girl that lives with her father. Her mothers died when she was very young. Her father works as a fisherman and raise her like a boy. Kawano Tetsu (Oizumi Yo) 大泉洋 is a 34 year old divorced beautician. Both of them met and fall in love. They get married and started their own barber shop house. Just when they started to enjoy their romantic couple life, a 5 year old boy that claims to be Kawano Tetsu’s son Kawano Yuki (Shibuya Takeru) 澁谷武尊shows up in from of them. Kawano Ayu has no choice but to become the mother of the boy that she did not give birth to. Being a young mother with no experience and much help from others, raising the boy becomes a challenging task. It’s not just the boy that they need to worry about but also the parents of other kids that attended the same kindergarten.

Feelings and Comments:

It seems that kids play the major role in this drama. They look just really cute. The new hair cut of Ueto Aya fits just right for the character in this drama. I also notice her acting has improved a lot. She looks much more natural then when she was in the previous drama Hotelier.

Children are everything to parents. Sometimes it seems a bit over now days. A lot of parents schedule their children to learn piano, swimming, dancing, tuition, drawings all day long. Parents wanted their children to be the best that they can be, so they started to train them young. Some parents even hope that their children can be the next Tiger Wood. Thus children are being pressured from young age. Most of them only learn what hard working is instead of having fun. Honestly it just seems like what parents wanted then what the children needed. Kids just follow what is instructed only. It is better to let kids know the interesting part of the activities. If they feel the fun part, then they can continue the activities for very long time. This is the part that parents need to learn. Having to send kids to kindergarten is not just for the kids too. Parents also learned how to educate their kids better.

Things that caught my eyes:
The kinds with the uniform are so cute.

Japan Drama Rating:
Fun to watch. A warm and funny comedy for the whole family to watch.

TV series

Japan Drama Preview:


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