Friday, December 14, 2007

My Boss, My Hero マイ★ボス マイ★ヒーロー – Release July 06

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:

One of the sons Sakaki Makio (Nagase Tomoya) 長瀬智也 of mafia boss was force to go back to school and graduate in order to inherit his father’s position as the new boss of the mafia group. Sakaki Makio is 27 years old and has to pose as 17 years old. He is very tough when comes to fighting but very dumb in knowledge because he never likes school. His father forces him to graduate from high school to be eligible as the boss of the mafia group. Sakaki Makio was then secretly admitted to a high school where only the principal knows his true identity. He needs to study, get along with the classmates and keep his identity secret for a year in order to graduate. For the first time in his life, this is his toughest and greatest challenge of all.

Feelings and Comments:

This is a very funny school comedy where the main topic is how an uneducated adult mafia survived school. Nagase Tomoya is not bad at all in making this comedy a successful one. Having to see his face through out the drama is enough to make you laugh.

This drama also shows that education is very important even to the mafia. School is a simulation of the society for the youngsters to learn, interact, organize, lead and makes mistakes before truly entering the competitive world. Like Sakaki Makio, many of the students already have a responsibility of preparing themselves to inherit their family business. That’s a very heavy burden only those involved can understand.

Despite that, I think the most enjoyable time of our life is school time. That is the only time for being stupid, no worries and dream wild.

Things that caught my eyes:

The pudding looks delicious.

Japan Drama Rating:

Fun to watch. Good for a laugh, lots of crazy jokes from the main character.

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Japan Drama Preview:


FadeT said...

I've just watched this series when a few of my friends recommended it as soon as I started my school holiday.

I couldn't agree more that having to see Nagase Tomoya's face throughout the series is enough to make us laugh.

And I like the scenes about the Agnes pudding too. They are quite similar like what happened in my very own school. The only difference is we are trying to get newspaper, not pudding. ;p

kumowai said...

This drama did reminds me of the good old days of school time. I did a lot of crazy stuff back then. That's something that I'll remember for the rest of my life. It's good memories.

Anonymous said...

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- Laura