Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dragon Zakura ドラゴン桜 – Release July 05

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
A lawyer Sakuragi Kenji (Abe Hiroshi) 阿部寛 takes up a case to help a private high school from bankruptcy. In order to do that he must first regain the reputation of the school by getting 5 students pass the entry exam of top university Japan– Tokyo University (Todai). He then set up a special class aiming to prepare the entry exam. With the help of the school director and the teacher Ino Mamako (Hasegawa Kyoko) 長谷川京子, he then found 6 students willing to take on the challenge. The lawyer not just work on the students, he also reeducates the whole faculty about the true meaning of becoming an educator. He also met up with the parents of his student to have them support their children to reaching their goals. If Sakuragi Kenji able to get the students into Tokyo University then the school will be famous and parents will send their children to study here. Thus the school will be free from bankruptcy and the lawyer will become famous. That is the main reason that Sakuragi Kenji takes this case.

Feelings and Comments:
The drama has a very strong cast that act as the students. Yajima Yuusuke (Yamashita Tomohisa)山下智久, Mizuno Naomi (Nagasawa Masami) 長澤まさみ, Ogata Hideki (Koike Teppei)小池徹平, Kosaka Yoshino (Aragaki Yui)新垣結衣, Okuno Ichiro (Nakao Akiyoshi)中尾明慶 and Kobayashi Maki (Saeko)サエコare very familiar around Japanese drama. Having to watch all of them acting together in a drama is enough to make me continue watching non-stop.

Education is business. If the school able to prepare their students to enter top university, then the school will get many students and this earns money. Thus we have schools that preparing for exams and schools that for learning. Given the fact that getting a degree from university is a basic ticket to get a better job and have a better life, many students don’t have a choice but to follow the trend of the society. Most of the time students are unable to see that. How many of us really understand that when we graduated from a famous university will help us get a better life? I only know that I reached there just because I’m interested in the subjects. That’s all.

Going through exams in school makes you become a better person. It prepared yourself to overcome the problems that you’ll face after entering the society. There is not much difference between trying to complete a task given by your boss and an exam given by the school. You learned to handle it, solve it, accept it and prepare for it. In the exams, results matter and not the effort that you put into it. That’s goes the same when you’re working or doing business, results is what your boss or customers look for.

Things that caught my eyes:
Lots of study strategy can be found. I think most of it makes sense and are true. You may try it out and see if the strategy works for you.

Japan Drama Rating:
Worth watching it. You’ll never know study is that interesting until you watch this drama.

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H.T said...

I like this actor(Abe Hiroshi)'s drama! I will try to look for this drama to watch! ^_^

AzAzura said...

Abe Hiroshi is one -hansamu hito desu ne....
I want to watch this !!

kumowai said...

Dramas that Abe involved are mostly interesting to watch. He sure is one of my A-list actors.