Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hotaru no Hikari ホタルノヒカリ – Release July 07

Kumo Japan Drama Sneak !!

Japan Drama Story:

Amemiya Hotaru (Ayase Haruka) 綾瀬はるか is normal nice looking office lady in an interior design company. That is when she’s working. After return home, she is a total different person. She stays alone, not interested in anything, lazy, likes to wear torn sports wear and tied her hair straight up. All she likes to do after work is to go back home, have a can of beer and sleep. Hotaru is very happy with her lifestyle until one day she fell in love with Teshima Makoto (Kato Kazuki) 加藤和樹, an employee in the company. She had never date and loves anybody before and this is the first time she fell in love. At the same time, the landlord and also her boss Takano Seiichi (Fujiki Naohito) 藤木直人 move in to stay and share the house with her because of separation with his wife. Adapting to the changes in the house she rented and at the same time perusing her love, thus start a comedy love story.

Feelings and Comments:

The story line was quite simple. It was just a girl that fall in love for the first time and she did not know what to do. She rely on her friend, her boss, her landlord, her housemate which is the one person to help her. Every detail of the feeling of being in love can be seen from Amemiya Hotaru. The audience was lead nicely from the beginning until the end. Few questions can be found after watching the drama. When you face the person you love, will you show the best of you or the actual you? Showing the best of you will win his/her heart but how long can you maintain? Will this become the pressure of being with him/her? If you present the actual you, then he/she might not like it. We always wanted to do something or make the best for the ones we love. That push us to do things that we normally don’t do and sometimes we end up loosing ourselves. This unnoticeable pressure can change a smiling face to a tension face. If this problem can not be solved then it will end up loving each other but unable to be together.

Things that caught my eyes:

Ayase Haruka acting with Fujiki Naohito really is fun to watch, especially their conversation. The effort and different acting of Ayase Haruka can be seen in this drama.

Japan Drama Rating:

Worth watching it. A simple love story nicely told in a worm and comedy way.

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Japan Drama Preview:


usws said...

Uhh.. I've just recently had the inspiration to want to learn Japanese. After watching countless animes and relying on subtitles, i think i want to start watching without reading. Plus i could chat with Japanese people and even marry a Japanese lady one day. LOL

I've downloaded some audio books and PDFs that could help me. However, are there easier ways to learn Japanese? Have you been successful only by watching Japanese dramas or do you use other resources?

Thanks in advance!


p.s. Good job on the summary, must have taken you a while to write it.

kumowai said...

Hi usws. In my opinion, I don't think there is an easy way to learn Japanese. Every effort that you put into learning the language counts. It doesn't matter what method you use, as long as it involves Japanese language that you'll learn. The important thing is that if you love the language then you'll never stop learning. When you love it, learning it become fun and interesting. For me, I keep up my learning watching J-drama, Anime and play Japan video games.

usws said...

Wow, playing Japanese video games? Those don't have English subtitles, right? How do you understand then? Or are you like SUPER good already? Haha..

I think if i try playing those, it'll take me forever. Have to search for the words, have to keep replaying the script so i can read/hear it slowly, then must understand the sentence also! Hard!!

Do you learn how to write in Japanese as well? Wow, i'd salute you if you have. Complicated! Plus i don't even know how to write Chinese.


kumowai said...

Sorry, I forgot to mention that you need to attend the beginner japanese language class first. When you learn up the basic then you can go ahead and take on the activities I mention above. I took Japanese classes during my university classes until intermediate level. That's about 1 year duration of classes. It has nothing to do with my degree but I still attend it because I like it.

P/S: Just to let you know that I know chinese language and this really helps a lot in learning Japanese language.

waterlily said...

I try to learning Japanease too. Just a few word. But really love Japan. People are polite. I love Japanese art. Happy networking

kumowai said...

Hi, I love Japan too. My favorite vacation country is Japan.