Thursday, October 18, 2007

Yama Onna Kabe Onna 山おんな壁おんな- Release July 07

Kumo Japan Drama Sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:

This drama is all around boobs. You can even tell it from the title of this drama, “Wounds Woman, Wall Woman”. Aoyagi Megumi (Itoh Misaki) 伊東美咲 is the head of the handbag sales section of a department store. She is also a top sales person in perusing her dream for higher position at work. She is good at her job, tall, beautiful and single. An almost perfect woman but one thing, her boobs are flat and this bugs her. This thought always troubles her until having nightmares about it. Then one day came Mariya Marie (Fukada Kyoko) 深田恭子 that transfer from another department store. She is also a top sales person and great at one thing. She has large boobs that can knock down almost everybody. Together they work at the handbag section and experience the lifestyle of a working woman.

Feelings and Comments:

A sexy body with large boobs really is a big issue to a woman. Either at work or during daily personal life it can be very helpful or troublesome. No matter what, women still prefer to have large boobs. It’s not just wanted to look good but it’s the confidence that comes with it. This drama shows it all using the comedy way. Of cause big boobs is not everything, without it Aoyagi Megumi still able to find her love and success in her work. Not all man likes big boobs.

Things that caught my eyes:

The acting of Itoh Misaki 伊東美咲 has improved a lot. She is much better then she was in the previous drama - Train Man.

Japan Drama Rating:

Fan of Itoh Misaki 伊東美咲 and Fukada Kyoko 深田恭子 is a must watch. This drama is mainly about both of them.

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Japan Drama Preview:

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