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スマイルSmile – Release April 09

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Hayakawa Vito (Matsumoto Jun) 松本潤 is a half Filipino half Japanese who born and raised in Japan. He never did stay in Philippines and did not know the local language too. Due to his name and appearance, he is always referred as outsider in Japan. Hayakawa Vito (Matsumoto Jun) 松本潤 used to involve in gangs activities but now trying to start a new life working in a food services. He is still in probation for his action but already made up his mind not to return to the gangster world. Mishima Hana (Aragaki Yui) 新垣結衣 is a high school girl who lost her voice due to an incident. She met Hayakawa Vito (Matsumoto Jun) 松本潤 in a book store and falls in love at first sight. Even though she can’t speak but they are still able to maintain a relationship. Everything was fine until Hayakawa Vito (Matsumoto Jun) 松本潤 met his former gang member and getting involve as a suspect in a crime scene. Luckily Hayakawa Vito (Matsumoto Jun) 松本潤 met a lawyer name Ito Kazuma (Nakai Kiichi) 中井貴一 who helps him on legal advice and to regain his freedom, rights and innocent.

Feelings and comments:
This drama has a group of talented cast, a good story and a good song. There is a bit of sad projection of how the world works but everything adds up just nice to make this a good drama. You might sense that this might just be another heartbroken drama that going to make you tears, but actually it’s not. This is simply a heartwarming drama which tells the story of how people struggle to survive in a non perfect world.
Racism happens everywhere in the world. It existed long ago, now and will continue to exist in future. No doubt things are better and there are improvements but still in some part of the world, racism still exists. This drama took place in Japan but still the quote “I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King is applicable. The three character that suffers from racism are Hayakawa Vito (Matsumoto Jun) 松本潤, Mishima Hana (Aragaki Yui) 新垣結衣 and Ito Kazuma (Nakai Kiichi) 中井貴一. All three of them face difficulties either in life, work, society and even family. Each of their problems is different but still they are all related to racism.
One thing that I found which is very encouraging is that no matter what happens you just have to put on a smile. No matter what happen, life still goes on. It’s better to put on a smiling face than drag a sad long face. I suppose this is call being positive. Good things will come eventually.

Things that caught my eyes:
The skin color and makeup really makes Matsumoto Jun (松本潤) looks partly Filipino. The clothing also contributes partly as it seems out of fashion. This drama really brings out how human judge others by the way they look.

Japan Drama Rating:
Worth watching. This is a very meaningful drama about romance, justice, equality and the will to keep on living. This is a story about people who are a bit different struggle to survive and fit in the society.

TV series, Original Soundtrack, 2009 Japanese Drama : - Smile - W/ English Subtitle, Ariamaru Tomi

Drama Theme Song: Ariamaru Tomi by Shiina Ringo

Japan Drama Preview:

Japan Drama NG Scene:


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