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Arifureta Kisekiありふれた奇跡 – Release Jan 09

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Nakashiro Kana (Nakama Yukie) 仲間由紀恵 met Tasaki Shota (Kase Ryo) 加瀬亮 when both of them sense a middle age man - Fujimoto Makoto (Jinnai Takanori) 陣内孝則 trying to commit suicide. Both of them successfully prevent Fujimoto Makoto (Jinnai Takanori) 陣内孝則 from jumping over the running train. The fact that both of them are able to sense the suicidal intention is because they too used to think of suicide. It’s a strange way for both of them to meet and they instantly generate good feelings with each other. They started to email each other and sometimes dated. They were able to help each other on curing their deep wounded heart. When they started to see each other, their relationship began to trigger conflicts between both their families. That’s because both families wanted the best for them and hopes that they can be happy.

Feelings and comments:
I have to say this drama is a bit depressing at the beginning. Most of the time it’s just about the expression of dark depression feelings and that covers almost half of the drama. The drama only starts to show a bit of sun light when the couple started to make their relationship work out. It just feels that everybody in the drama is trouble by something and most of the time they are depress with it. Still they are able to find happiness within they busy ordinary life.
It doesn’t matter if you’re happy or not, life has to go on. Sometimes we just can’t hope too much. Learning to accept what is available for you and satisfied with it might just be the way towards happiness. We cannot have everything goes as what we plan, but the effort might just enough to have most of them done. We just have to cherish what we have.
Miracles exist within life because we do not know what lies in front of us. We might just meet the one that we love any place, any time or any situation. As long as we keep on living our life, there is still hope that we’ll find happiness.
The story of this drama is simple but the acting is a bit difficult. It’s not easy to bring out the depression and fear towards life on screen. I think both main casts Nakama Yukie (仲間由紀恵) and Kase Ryo (加瀬亮) did a very good job in bring out the feelings within. Perhaps their experience and long acting career helps present this ordinary drama a miracle one.

Things that caught my eyes:
The title of this story is ordinary miracles. Not a surprise that everything in this drama is ordinary, including their occupation, life style and the people around. Finding each other in this ordinary world might just be the miracle. Thus I caught nothing with my eyes but I do feel the miracle.

Japan Drama Rating:
Interesting to watch, but it’s a bit depressing. It’s about how people deal with life after their painful tragic. The best cure is love and meeting the right people. This drama is able to present it nicely. By the way it’s a happy ending.

Arifureta Kiseki - Original 6 DVDs - 11 Episodes Japanese Drama (Eng)Arifureta kiseki (Japanese Edition)

Drama Theme Song: Dreams Are More Precious by Enya

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