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OL NipponOLにっぽん– Release Oct 08

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Kanzaki Shimako (Mizuki Alisa) 観月ありさ works as an office lady in a big company in Japan. In a competitive business world, outsourcing is one of the method company used to stay running. One day her company decided to outsource to China where labors can be bought in a cheaper price. As a result, 2 Chinese girls are sent to her department for training. Kanzaki Shimako (Mizuki Alisa) 観月ありさ is responsible in teaching them and guide them to work on service manual projects. While worrying when her job will be replace by them, a cultural collaboration between Japan and China takes place in the department.

Feelings and comments:
This is not the first time Mizuki Alisa (観月ありさ) acts as office lady. In fact her acting has improved when compare to her previous OL drama. The Chinese actors also add some flavors into this drama. Even though their Japanese language sounds strange but it’s interesting to listen as it creates a lot of jokes. Another thing that this drama talks about is outsourcing and the value of employees. China and India no doubt are 2 main countries that companies outsourcing target. It does save a lot of labor cost but getting people from different culture to work together is not an easy task. From the employee point of view, both workers from Japan and China are struggling hard to keep their job. In order to survive is to work hard, keep on learning and adept to the changes around.

Things that caught my eyes:
The cultural difference between Japan and China is the most interesting part. It seems working together is the best way to really understand each other. Even though conflict happens but that’s just the process of learning.

Japan Drama Rating:
Fan of Mizuki Alisa (観月ありさ) should not miss this. It’s more like an education drama that talks about outsourcing and cultural shock.

2008 Japanese Drama : OL Nippon w/ English Subtitle

Drama Theme Song: Ashita no Sora by SPEED

Japan Drama Preview:

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