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Yasuko to Kenjiヤスコとケンジ – Release July 08

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Yasuko (Tabe Mikako) 多部未華子 lives with his brother Oki Kenji (Matsuoka Masahiro) 松岡昌宏 ever since their parents died. His brother takes up the responsibility to raise Yasuko and work as girl comic writer (shojo mangaka). Before that he was a leader of a motorcycle gang rider. After the death of their parent, he then quit the gang to take care of his sister. After 10 years his so call rival or the lady gang rider Tsubaki Erika (Hirosue Ryoko) 広末涼子appear in his life again wanted to capture his heart one more time. She has been in love with Oki Kenji 10 years before. At this time Yasuko (Tabe Mikako) 多部未華子already grown to be a young high school girl hopping for a romance teenage life. As his brother Oki Kenji (Matsuoka Masahiro) 松岡昌宏 is very strict with her social life and everything else, it will be hard for Yasuko to have a normal high school life.

Feelings and comments:
Having strict parents that watches your moves all the time really does feel annoying, but then that’s because they care too much until about you. After all about family and everything can be discuss and solved. Seriously it’s tough being in the position of Oki Kenji (Matsuoka Masahiro) 松岡昌宏 where he has to take care of the sister in his young age.
Tsubaki Erika (Hirosue Ryoko) 広末涼子 and Yasuko (Tabe Mikako) 多部未華子is the only 2 actresses that is really good in this drama. Their acting can be consider natural enough to keep me continue to finish the drama. Especially for Tabe Mikako 多部未華子 I think she is going to do well in the coming drama.

Things that caught my eyes:
The brother Oki Kenji (Matsuoka Masahiro) 松岡昌宏 seems to know their location at the end of each episode.

Japan Drama Rating:
Fun to watch. If you’re a fan of Hirosue Ryoko広末涼子 then you must watch it.

TV series, Original Soundtrack, 2008 Japanese Drama : Yasuko to Kenji w/ English Subtitle, Yasuko to Kenji

Drama Theme Song: Amagasa by TOKIO

Japan Drama Preview:

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