Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hokaben ホカベン– Release April 08

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!
Japan Drama Story:
Domoto Akari(Ueto Aya) 上戸彩 is a newbie lawyer that hopes to help those that are needed. She chooses to be a lawyer because she believes that the law will protect those that are week, to her lawyer is just like a police where justice stands. Her idealistic thought shattered as soon as she works on her first case. It seems that the world of lawyers is not as what she expected.
Feelings and comments:
First of all I really don’t like lawyers. Still, it is better to have lawyers as friends then enemies. This drama just shows the true nature of a lawyer. Winning the case is everything. The Law is just the rules of the game. The one that is able to understand and make full use of it will be the winner. Humans are the one that create the laws and yet people manipulate it for their advantages. In other words those are able to play the rules will most likely in the comfortable safe position.
If you’ve went through the first working year after graduated from college, then you might be able to understand Domoto Akari (Ueto Aya) 上戸彩’s feeling. It’s not just the job as a lawyer but it’s the same to every job. First day at work is always exciting and fill with high hopes. At the end of the day, you’ll finally wake up from the work that you used to dream of. The words “Welcome to the real world” struck like a lightning. Eventually the job or work that we choose is not as fun as we thought so.
Things that caught my eyes:
The dog is actually getting more attention than the mother.
Japan Drama Rating:
Nice to watch. A realistic drama about what lawyers really are.
Japan Drama Preview:

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