Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Romeo and Juliet ロミオとジュリエット- Release April 07 (Single Episode Drama)

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Japan Drama Story:

This drama is just as what the title said it is, a Romeo and Juliet style of story. Drama begins with love at first sight between Morita Hiromichi (Takizawa Hideaki) 滝沢秀明 and Kihira Juri (Nagasawa Masami) 長澤まさみ. Morita Hiromichi works as a poor recycle items collector which drives around the neighbors. Kihira Juri is a university student with a rich background. Just like the original story of Romeo and Juliet, family background of these couple is the boundary. Morita Hiromichi’s father is a wanted criminal and Kihira Juri’s father is the detective in charge of the pursuit. Faith brought this couple together for a reason, a reason or a story about their parents that they never knew.

Feelings and Comments:

It’s difficult to tell a story that everybody knows about and still able to capture their heart. This drama did a good job of capturing my curiosity in the beginning. It’s not the title that is attractive but its how the story is presented. The original Romeo and Juliet have a sad ending. If you take a moment and think about it, it’s just a bad choice that they made. If Romeo had chosen to stay alive then we will have a happy ending. That goes the same as our normal life. As long as we’re alive and think positive then something good will happened. We can choose to have a romantic relationship and choose not to have a sad ending like Romeo and Juliet. Besides, love is about the choices and sacrifices that we made. One sad ending of Romeo and Juliet is enough, don’t you think.

Things that caught my eyes:

The yellow color of Ginkgo trees on both side of the path with the yellow leafs cover along the road is the best scene of this drama. Just like the famous Korean drama “Winter Sonata”.

Japan Drama Rating:

Nice to watch. Good looking couple and beautiful scene with unpredictable story line.

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