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Hanzawa Naoki半沢直樹– Release July 2013

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Japan Drama Story:
Hanzawa Naoki (Sakai Masato) 堺雅人 joins Tokyo Chuo Bank and determine to climb to the top position of the banking industry. His goal is to find the banker who causes the death of his father indirectly by denying loan to help overcome his father’s factory financial crisis. He also vows to change the banking system in order to help factories or companies which are facing financial crisis over come and survive challenges. In order to achieve his goals, being a top elite employee is just not enough. Especially when he is working in banking industry, one single mistake is enough to remove him from the front line elite work force.

After working in the bank for several years, Hanzawa Naoki (Sakai Masato) 堺雅人 manage to become division head at Osaka Nishi branch. This is where he starts to face real challenge or career threatening situation from his manager. He was forced by the branch manager to grant an unsecured loan to a factory which later ends up bankrupt. In order to continue his career as a banker, he must find a way to recover the money loaned regardless of whose fault it is. This is the first case he encounter which exposes the unethical deal within banking industry.

Feelings and comments:

The first thing that comes in mind after watching the drama for few minutes is the work passion and the determination to solve problems. It just seems like Hanzawa Naoki is working day and night without getting any rest. Although the biggest satisfactory is watching Hanzawa Naoki out beat his boss with his outstanding working ability and intelligent, it is also very comforting to watch Hanzawa Naoki help his customers or clients restructuring their business or company. I suppose many employees dream of becoming just like Hanzawa Naoki but in reality boss usually is the winner. Going against boss or employer usually ends up badly. The truth is you won’t be able to perform well and advance in the company if the boss does not like you. Even if you are just being professional in your work, you still won’t get the opportunity. The best is just change job or switch to other company.

In this drama series, Hanzawa Naoki successfully beaten two bosses and he did it with the help of his friends and colleagues. Even his wife contributes a lot in his success. In other words, he is not alone in his path to success and he chooses to believe in the people he work with, even when one of his friends betrays him.

Although Hanzawa Naoki (Sakai Masato) 堺雅人 is the main character which most viewers are focusing on, his opponent such as Asano Tadasu, Kurosaki Shunichi and Ohwada Akira plays a big role in making this drama successful. Their arguments and speeches make up the best part of this drama.

Things that caught my eyes:
No doubt the facial impressions of several actors are impressive. You might even feel the heat or flame when they are having arguments. “An eye for an eye.” That’s the quote Hanzawa Naoki半沢直樹 often uses when he speaks of his enemy or the person who framed him. And it’s not just an eye that he is trying to get back, but 10 times or 100 times of repay. The determination, anger, patient, intelligent and faith are well express as Hanzawa Naoki半沢直樹 deals with his opponents.

Japan Drama Rating:
Worth watching. This is a typical drama about an employee who goes against corrupted boss and win. Especially if you are an employee or salary man who dislikes your boss or has opinions about the way your boss run things, this drama really can brighten your day. I suppose this is the reason why this drama receives a high viewing rate in Japan.

TV series, Original Soundtrack

Drama Theme Song: Theme of Hanzawa Naoki ~Main Title~ by Hattori Takayuki

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